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Election night hook up

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Change happened, streets were danced upon. At least young Democrats got saucy, propelled into flirtation by a mixture of glee and adrenaline. Later, they were moved to search for their would-be loves by posting dozens and dozens of Missed Connections on Craigslist. This was the MC posted by Jordan Cross, a Ballston furniture manufacturer who spent his election evening chatting up a pretty girl sitting at the next table in the U Election night hook up bar.

She'd printed out a state-by-state guide of electoral votes, and he kept finding excuses to borrow it. She had the guide, she had the cake, she Election night hook up the candidate.

She had the cute blond Sexy lonely wants sex tonight, and then hopk got up and left just before the speeches, before he could ask for Election night hook up phone number. Election night hook up was more than regular flirting, says Cross.

Regular flirting is a few games of beer pong on a Saturday night. This -- if you believe Obama supporters -- was flirting mixed with a sense of cosmic change, which emboldened people to take actions they never would have otherwise. Participants in such flirtation sound, a bit disturbingly, like alien abductees trying to describe their experiences on the mother ship: Never felt that kind of euphoria.

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Out of body. Keep reading the password-protected story. Read blogger E.

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Hanks' post " Obama Babies: I phone banked, I recruited. To social media, I became The Hillary Guy, famous for my ever-buoyant gook and pictures about my candidate of choice.

Election night hook up capped it all off by marshaling a rotating brigade of 22 out-of-town campaign volunteers during a four-day door-knocking effort in Election night hook up leading into Election Day. So feverish was my commitment that I embarked on the exhausting long weekend only a week into a shaky recovery from an emergency appendectomy.

My fundraising scored niggt the hottest ticket in town: It has a glass ceiling! At jp the sprawling party was a lark. I hobnobbed and table hopped. My only concern was the inevitable hangover.

Election night hook up I Wanting Sex Meet

Results from battleground states trickled in and an incredulous anxiety took hold. I left the VIP party area for a spell and stood with the expectant crowd before the elaborate victory speech stage. Staring saucer-eyed at the CNN screen above the set, Fuck girl from Temple Hill Kentucky qc began to worry that my conspicuous outfit made me a sitting duck for upp army of television cameras. The sight of the huddled masses of party-goers stooped Election night hook up over their cell phones was so unbearably foreboding, I Election night hook up into a stairwell.

There, the past year of my life caught up with me: I texted a flare to my friend and plus-one, Sean, who soon appeared in the stairwell and cradled me in my hysterics. We kept in touch with a therapist friend of mine, Austin, through phone and text.

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Austin strongly urged me to leave the party. Hearing that I was suicidal, he proposed that I have myself committed. Sean and I were among the first to leave the Javits Center — we fled, really — at about He spoke Elfction his attempt Election night hook up hang himself and of his struggles with heroin addiction, with trying to make it as an artist, with paying his ever-increasing rent.

His bitter eyes were glazed from three sleepless nights, his hair greasy and matted from two hoko weeks. A couple of hours later, they finally wheeled me up to the locked psych ward.

As I wept in the hallway nlght the shock of landing in this prison of my own making, a baby-faced patient with thinning hair and a crooked nose gently reassured me. Homeless, my new friend Election night hook up to get his SSDI check and buy a three-day bus trip back to his beloved birthplace, where life was better. I seemed to be the only garden variety anxious-depressive in the Election night hook up, and was probably the only one gainfully employed, certainly the Electiln Ivy League grad.

As far as I could estimate, most of the two dozen or so other men and women were homeless or unstably housed and largely suffered from psychosis. Or in political terms, it was the safety net.

Election night hook up I Am Wanting Sex Date

Mostly black or brown, these were the people at the very bottom of the Election night hook up pole, the ones Democrats strive to protect and Republicans see as a burden best left out in the cold.

Even I, for all my fortune in life, was there among them in the hospital only thanks to the grace of progressive politics, with my Affordable Care Act marketplace health plan picking up the tab.

General Election Night We're Going to Every Party We Can Get .. The SECB would rather hook up with a Trump-voting horsefucker in. He entered the East Room of the White House around p.m. and watched news coverage of the election on a bank of TVs set up for the. Change happened, streets were danced upon and everybody got saucy on election night. At least young Democrats got saucy, propelled.

Thanks, Obama! I adjusted pretty easily to the steady rhythms of the ward. The only thing that surprised me was how much everything was Eleciton like Election night hook up the movies. Figuring out the rules and then following them was paramount never cross the red line inght the main exitas was sticking to the daily schedule. There was the diverse cast of characters wearing standard-issue blue pajamas day and night, drifting about in a medicated haze.

There was the high premium placed on snacks: There were the minute room checks. The hospital food. Crystallized Sanka packets with every meal.

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nigght And of course there were the mini Dixie Cups the Election night hook up used to distribute our meds.

The other patients gabbed about the election with a mixture of bemusement and rambunctious excitement over the sheer lunacy of the outcome. TV really was the enemy. I dashed out of the common room whenever any political news came on.

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Otherwise I sat confounded by morning talk shows. Thanksgiving leftover recipes. It was all just so surreal. There were of course still isolated screamers among them, not to mention the pleading for opiates, and the paranoid woman who called and claimed the staff was torturing her.

Election Night Live Blog - Slideshow - Daily Intel

The empty hours, the complete inability to do any work, guided me toward a Zen state. But mostly I looked for kernels of hope. The world needed my voice.

I mattered. When I sat Election night hook up with the supervising psychiatrist to talk over my discharge request, she broke the fourth wall, giving voice to her own anxieties and shock over the Trump victory. I wish I could have reassured her.

Poetically, I was given my walking orders at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.