How to use Instagram for business?

How to use Instagram for business?

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Instagram for business

In the technology-driven world, take your business virtual. The advent of the digital era has transformed our lifestyles and interaction with the society drastically. The impact of technology is enormous and influences people of all walks of life. We live in an age not only equipped with novel innovations that ease our daily chores but on a virtual platform where we can project our ideas, connect with the community and create an identity for ourselves.

Instagram, one such popular social media platform facilitates us to share our notions and build an association with the world. Businesses can make use of this portal to connect with the target audience and promote their brand’s identity. It is a form of creative advertisement campaign platform which provides opportunities for businesses to endorse their Brand’s value and outlook. It has the potential to reach larger mass as over 700 million users visit Instagram every month.

Projecting your Brand’s value in a creative way:

Instagram is a platform for creativity, so craft your Brand’s value in an artistic fashion to attract attention. Don’t force it, make it subtle and focus on innovative ways to draw attention. Emphasize visual contents with an inspiring slogan (indirect slogan addressing your products or service) or your Brand’s tagline. Add your company’s logo with your tagline on every promotional post. Visual contents register in people’s mind more quickly than words. Make it catchy and appealing with trendy and humorous contents.

Don’t post about your product or services rather focus on the impacts and transformation it can bring into their lives. Tell the world how much you love your products and designed it with much passion and dedication.

Designing unique theme specific to your Brand:

Splash some colors or stick with a theme unique to your brand or with one that suits your Brand. In order to grab people’s attention post regular updates with your unique designs or themes specific to your Brand but with different content. Design it with a theme unique to your Brand, so the next time they see a post with the similar theme they will relate it to your Brand. The usage of a constant theme in all post with different contents will create a standard specific to your Brand.

Updating regularly:

You must keep reminding people about your Brand with innovative contents but don’t bore them with repeated contents. Craft each post in such a way that it is different from the previous one and doesn’t look repetitive. You can use each post to convey a specific feature of your product instead of dumping all in one post. Address the problem and the solution your product/service offers to tackle it. Flaunt the features of your products with a creative touch instead of making it look like a Brochure. Remember it is a social media platform, formal way of conveying your product’s features or endorsing will not attract much attention. Regularly updating your Brand’s value will remind people and make your Brand a household name. Updating constantly paves a way to create an identity for your Brand along with familiarity. It reflects your Brand’s values and appeals to the intended audience.

SEO TIPS which Every Developer Should know while developing the Website

SEO TIPS which Every Developer Should know while developing the Website

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SEO Tips

Suppose what it would be like if no one could easily find your place of business, or even your telephone number, though you write it properly. The same thing can happen with your website, if people cannot easily locate it. You arrange and write the proper content, your UI looks perfect but then too your website can’t reach up to the expected audience. Because while developing your website you make certain mistakes or you left with certain important point which impacted a lot on website. So simply follow the below tips and Get more traffic on your Website.

  • Frame Proper Keywords:

    • Keywords Plays very vital role while developing the website, if you cannot set proper keywords, your website unable to reach towards proper set your keywords perfectly match. Avoid repetitive keyword it would create bad and negative impact of your website. Get additional keyword ideas by using the Google Keyword Planner to “Search for keyword and ad group ideas.”
  • Heading Tag Should be given Correctly :

    • Header tags that help break the content into sections as well as let search engines. The <H1></H1> tags surround the post title – there should only be one set of <H1></H1> tags per page. Give proper tag to every head, so it will help crawlers to get to know exact what the information is about.
  • Give Title to Every Page:

    • A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result, and are important for usability, SEO, and social sharing. The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s content.
  • Image Attributes should be proper:

    • The alt and title attributes of an image are commonly referred to as alt tag or alt text and title tag even though they’re not technically tags. The alt text describes what’s on the image and the function of the image on the page. So if you have an image that’s used as a button to buy product X, the alt text would say: “button to buy product X”.
  • Keep the Updated Sitemap:

    • Sitemap is important because it tells the search engines about the content that you have on your site and how often it’s updated. This helps with search engine optimization because it makes it easier for Google to find out about the content on your site so that they can serve it up in the search results.
  • Avoid heavy Anchor Text:

    • When you have two links on a page that both point to the same destination, Google only counts the anchor text of the “first” link when assigning relevancy. Anchor texts increase the relevance of a page and thus increases the time the user spends on a page. This effectively reduces the bounce rate.

 These are certain SEO TIPS which you can easily adapt while framing or developing the website.

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Are You Developing E-COMMERCE Website With These Mistakes?

Are You Developing E-COMMERCE Website With These Mistakes?

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We cannot imagine our life without seeing the clock. Even one minute for us matters a lot, then how can we expect from people to spend their hour and hours to check your product. In these busy lives of people, e-commerce takes biggest role to resolve the time the place where we can browse .buy anything we want. Within a fraction of seconds we get exact what we are looking for. This is the main reason why people are more attracting towards E-commerce website. If you are also thinking to take your business on next move by building the best e-commerce website then check the following mistakes to avoid.

Using Few Images of Product:

The whole e-commerce website is run on images. User buys your product only after seeing the product. If you are using very few images to describe your product then he did not get exact idea about the product. Every angle of product is to be considering while presenting your product. User is expected the exact product which shows as in while set up for image use maximum 4-5 image of Product.

2 Poor Description about Product:

A Person wants full and exact description of your product . So while posting your description , always keeps in mind that is should be full and proper . If you describe your product of very short term , it cannot crate impact on user mind . Whole information about product is to be considering while writing product description . It will help your user get the exact idea about your product.

  1. Using Small Images:

One cannot buy the product without seeing images, if you are using small size image which not reflecting the exact idea about the product, then you might have a chance to miss your order. Person prefers to only those products which is clear and sharp. So always use the customize size of image which gives the clear view to your customers.

Long Checkout Process.

To keep your customers mind on one product seriously takes a big effort. Once the person agrees to buy your product, you win the half battle, but the real victory comes when you got the payment of your product. From choosing to checkout, you have to keep your customer engaging by quick steps.if you insert the long procedure for check out, everyone gets irritated and your product remains in CART only. So the best way to make your order done easily is To Use minimum steps for the checkout process. This will help to keep the product excitement in your customer mind.

Confusing Navigation:

If you cannot arrange proper category about your product or your navigation creates lots of misplacement then person unable to buy the product. This would lead to create confusion among the person mind.  Make sure that every category have at least a few products of it, or else group smaller categories together (or include them in larger, similar categories).

These are the common mistake we done while developing an e-commerce website,there are certain more to learn more.keep follow us.

Get the idea by reading these mistakes and build your E-commerce website Error free.

Types of Branding

Types of Branding

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It is unlimited and ever evolving. In this blog we describe about is types of branding. Now, what we have to understand one thing clearly is that how we evolve our life style depends on how we divide any topic or subject into several types of topics or subjects. Hence, let us know types of branding because each type of branding needs separate styles and features. Here are 10 major types of brands are illustrated.

Personal brand

A personal brand is a brand in which the charisma of his name is connected to the world. This brand should reflect:

  • What service or product do you like to give?
  • What is your personal strength related to your product or service?
  • How does your brand reflect your personality?

Product brand

Product brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of a product is connected to the world. The product brand should communicate in several ways:

  • Have a good word of mouth
  • Should have a good external look
  • Remember for a long time

Service brand

Service brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of a service is connected to the world.

Corporate brand

A corporate brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of products and services is related to the entire company. What this type of brand speaks is:

  • Build a new model for the entire company
  • Include all types of stakeholders
  • Make a new corporate vision
  • Apply a new technology
  • Make the customers as brand ambassadors

Country brand

Country brand or nation brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality or of products and services is related to the government. This brand should create:

  • Create awareness and reputation of a country to the entire world
  • Attract tourists, investors, companies, and workforce
  • Enhance its cultural, political and economic values

Activist brand

Activist brand, also known as a purpose brand, is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of products and services is related to any activist. This brand should ask:

  1. Why does the world need this brand?
  2. How can this brand solve some of the issues in the world?
  3. What exactly do you expect to happen?
  4. How motivated are the consumers to welcome this change?

Cultural brand

Cultural brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of products and services is related to any culture. To market a product or a service for the customers related to a particular culture, the brand should reflect the cultural or religious or ethnical values in order to solve one or more related issues.

Celebrity brand

Celebrity brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of products and services is related to any celebrated. To market a product or a service globally, this type of brand should go around the world through the voice or appearance of name of any celebrity.

Ingredient brand

Ingredient brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of products related to any ingredient is connected to the world. Unlike some the brands speak regarding their external values, this type of brand should speak the internal values in the name of specialized ingredients. Here, what is important to market is ingredient you apply in your brand.

Global brand

A global brand is a brand in which the quality or quantity or individuality of products and services is related to the entire world. To market a product or a service globally, the brand should go around the world. The brand should reflect the cultural and environmental values of the world in order to solve one or more related issues.